Launchy – Start your applications in the blink of an eye

Are you sometimes annoyed of clicking through your program menu until you finally find the application that you want to start? No, you say, because you have all the links on your desktop or created dozens of quickstart icons. What kind of a mess is that? I suggest you try Launchy. It’s freely availyble at and will speed up your daily work.

So, what is Launchy? It’s an “Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows”. The tool indexes all your programs while running in the background.


When you want to start an application you simply press Alt+space.Launchy comes up and you type the first letters of the program that you want to start. It will either be shown directly or a list with all matching program names is displayed. Simply select the program name by using the arrow keys and pressing return fires your application. Maybe this sounds a little complicated, but normally two or three letters are enough to select an application. In the end you will really gain some time apart from the convience of starting your programs.

You can tell Launchy to index files in locations different from the start menu. This way you can even start the applications that you had to first find in your explorer when still living in the stone age.


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