The better task switcher

“Never touch that switch, even if you want to” – from the Robbie Williams Album ‘Rudebox’

Switching tasks with Alt-Tab is daily business, but often filled with annoyance. You hit alt-tab and see a similar icon for each dos box that is running along with your other applications and you have to step throught the whole list until you find the right program. If this bothers you, forget about it and try TaskSwitchXP. You can get it for free at

Taskswitch XP

So, what is special about TaskSwitchXP? You get a nice list of all running applications. Whenever you select one of the entries in the list a preview is shown. You can customize font and color settings, choose preview and list styles, appearance effects and much more. It just makes selecting the right application much easier.

Why waste your time with the standard task switch when you can have such a cool tool for free?


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